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Welcome to Ella's Light Children's Ministry to Ella's Light

Ella’s Light Children’s Ministry Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to keep Ella Marie Formby’s memory alive by ensuring that as many children as possible hear God’s word, come to know Him, develop a love and personal relationship with Him, and learn to serve Him through Christian programs and events provided by this ministry.

Ella was our only child, born August 24, 2007. She was at the beautiful and innocent age of 5 years old when a drunk driver's free will ended her life on this earth. While here, she touched many lives, and it is our prayer is that her memory and legacy will live on in the children's lives this ministry helps.

Ella's name means the following:

In Greek – “bright Light or shining one”
In Hebrew — “torch”
In French – “little ember”
In German – “entire”

Ellas Light Children's Ministry Ella's Light Children's Ministry


Ella loved everyone she met, and she didn't understand the word hate. She lived up to what her name meant. She had a lively personality that led her to love kittens and puppies, flowers, and bugs, bird nests, and playing in the mud. Most of all, she enjoyed this world that God created for her.

She brought “life” and “light” to her family and to all who knew her. It is only fitting that Ella Marie Formby's ministry be called, “Ella’s Light.” As the bright, shining one, this light can grow into a great light that can continue to touch many lives for years to come.

We want to personally thank you for visiting our daughter’s website.

Most Sincerely,
Julie and Lourie Formby